How to Become a Health Insurance Agent

1. Get your General lines – life, accident, and health license: Lets you sell life and health insurance, including annuities, with just one license.

2.  Take the General lines – life, accident, and health: InsTX-LAH05 test.

3. Complete a pre-licensing test course by clicking on the link Pre-licensing Course and following the instructions.

4. After passing the test.

  • Get a background check, apply for your license, pay your fee.
    • Schedule an appointment with IdentoGO to get electronic fingerprint images. Use service code 11G6QF. Send a digital copy to TDI and the Texas Department of Public Safety.
    • You have a year to apply for a license and pay the application fee.
    • There’s no fee for new applications if you are a military service member, veteran, or family member with a license in another state.

Other Requirements

Get your 2024 FFM certification and free training courses

If you’re a returning agent and ready to complete your training and earn some free CE credits at the same time, here’s what you’ll do:

  1. On a desktop or laptop computer, navigate to the MLMS within your CMS Enterprise Portal (mobile coming soon!)
  2. From there, you'll see an option to complete your Marketplace training with HealthSherpa.
  3. Click through the HealthSherpa training option, and you'll be redirected to our site. 
    Note: Agents and brokers have to click through their CMS portal to our site for the training to be valid, so make sure you do this step!
  4. Once you're on, sign up for the training and select the appropriate course.

If you're new to the Marketplace, you will need to create a CMS Enterprise Portal account before you can access the training: Click here for a step by step guide

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